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We are so thankful you have visited our non-profit division, Greater Works Foundation Inc. 

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Greater Works Foundation Inc, simply giving full scholarship opportunities to children, teens, and young adults who otherwise would not have the monetary means in developing their skill set in the music industry to impact their communities via performance opportunities. 

Over the years we have developed amazing talent that have graced the stages of Broadway, Off-Broadway, Broadway National Tours, The Movie Screen, Commercials, Nickelodeon, sung with Mariah Carey at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting, received scholarships for college, recorded CD’s and the list goes on. 

In addition, we have written two of our own musicals with great success with each one appearing at the Davenport Theatre on 45th Street in NYC. Currently, we are on our third musical, announcement coming soon. Other credits include community producers of the Revival of Godspell on Broadway and Esther the Musical in Long Island NY. 

We do not mean to make this all about us, but if family, friends, and acquaintances are going to support Greater Works Foundation Inc, they want to know that those that are at the helm of the foundation, are ready for the demands that the performing arts business places on the trainers and those being trained. 

Donation Support 
Support this amazing foundation and receive the tax benefit, but most importantly continued updates on those we enter into the program. What is the program? We are glad you asked. 

Greater Works Foundation is a non-profit division of Vocal Production Studios formerly known as the elite vocal training school, The School of Singing. Vocal Production Studios has developed an artist development program created for the student’s own ability and talent. As already known, Vocal Production Studios are experts of the highest caliber and not solely in words, but demonstrated by their student performers. 

As a supporter, you have the honor along with us to revel in the talent that we will be building. What is the artist development program? We are glad you asked. The artist development program consists of four pillars consisting of Artist Planning, Artist Development, Artist Creation, and Artist Management. Each of these stages of training readies a performer for the stage on which that student displays the talent. Rather than lump the performers into a particular area, we equip and develop them as recording artists, musical theatre performers, songwriters, triple treats meaning singing, dance, and acting. Each of these disciplines is carefully planned. For example, every show or concert, you have ever attended, has had a planning, development, creation, and management producing stage. Each show or concert is choreographed with a strict training regiment that is sorely needed for today’s young performer. Co-founder, Daniel Orama remembers all to well at an early age he did not have access to training because of affordability and reach. 

It is our hope to reach the young performer that comes from broken families who do not have the financial means to develop a skill set needed for the arts. Many of these young performers fall through the cracks because of this and end up falling into less than desirable places leading to trouble. Daniel recalls as a young performer not given the financial resources and the means to build a skill set at an early age. This is the heart of the work of Greater Works Foundation Inc, that day by day their work would increase and go beyond their greatest expectancy. 

In the past we have created money-raising campaigns, and all of you were so faithful in your giving. Now, when you give, you will receive the tax benefit that we are given by our wonderful country. This is a double blessing because you receive the tax benefit and bask in the work we are producing. Remembering what Sister Spirit said to Scrooge, “You Gotta Give To Enjoy Yourself Mr. Scrooge.” 

In forming our foundation, we assembled an amazing cast from PA, NYC, Long Island NY, and NJ for our upcoming production of “A Christmas Carol” A New Musical. Click HERE to view the cast. We originally produced the show at the Davenport Theatre in 2015 with great success. Now, we are producing the show at the beautiful Junction Center Landis Hall in Manheim, PA. 

In our 2015 production, we used the show as a vehicle for young artists to showcase their talents, but also, we raised coats and blankets for NY Cares and the Family Shelter in NYC. Many of you know that when we produce shows we love to use them as a vehicle to bring light into the lives of others that are going through difficult times. We have all been there, and I can think back many a time someone extended a hand during a very difficult situation. 

The Impact 
This year we have partnered with Water Street Missions in Lancaster, Pa. Water Street Missions is a homeless shelter that are always in great need of food during the holiday season. Since 1905, Water Street Missions has been restoring lives through rescue and renewal. They are well-known as providers of food and shelter for the homeless, but they go beyond that to create healing communities and transformed lives. 

We are asking you to partner with us to help give food for those less fortunate, which are highly found at the Water Street Missions in Lancaster, PA. With your tax-deductible donation, we will be putting aside 15% towards food for the homeless and the remaining for expenses incurred to produce music productions, concerts and similar music business acumen. Thank you for your support, which will go a long way in impacting the lives of each performer and our community at large. 

To make your donation, click HERE to visit our website where you can make an easy donation online to Greater Works Foundation today. Thank you again for all of your support over the years, we are so excited that we have founded this wonderful foundation. 

Yours Truly, 

Daniel & Tami Orama