"Daniel treats every student as an individual. There is nothing cookie cutter about what Daniel does. He knows how to bring out the best in each of his students and his singing lessons are tailored to enhance their strongest qualities but also improve in the areas that need more work. Daniel is passionate about what he does, and he is committed to it every day. You can see how much he loves what he does, as you never feel there is anything else going on when you arrive at his school – other than the task at hand – music. It is a joy to watch!

I remember my first singing lesson, I was really shy and nervous and had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I got so much more comfortable throughout all the lessons. You will not experience vocal training anywhere else like Vocal Production Studios. Ms. Tami and Mr. Daniel have shown me that singing is a science, and you can never stop learning. I have noticed drastic improvements in my voice. I have much more control and my breathing is much better. Every week when I find out the lesson is over I say the same thing; “How could it be over? I want to stay!” They are so supportive and encouraging. If I mess something up, they will have me keep doing it until I get it right, even if I feel like giving up. With the help of Vocal Production Studios, my voice sounds entirely different from when I started, even teachers at school are asking me If I have been working with private coach."
Stephanie Christie (Student) 

"My daughter, Imayah, has been taking singing lessons with Mr. Daniel Orama for three years.  Imayah has grown and blossomed under Daniel’s tutoring and instruction greatly, it is truly amazing.  Imayah has matured and learned the correct way to use her voice.  Before Daniel, Imayah sang incorrectly and strained her voice.  With Daniel, she has learned control, tone, head vs. chest voice, breathing techniques, and how to warm up her voice etc.  She has learned how to hone her skills and how to become a better singer. Daniel has gone above and beyond helping Imayah when she has auditions, giving her recommendations as to what suits her voice best, to be the best she can be during her auditions.  Our family truly values his input and we completely trust his opinion and know he has his student’s best interest at heart.  We are truly blessed to have both Daniel and Tami in our lives, they are truly the BEST TEAM EVER!!!!!  I highly recommend Vocal Production Studios to anyone interested in singing lessons."
Karen Blain, Imayah’s Mother

"My son has enjoyed his singing lessons since he was about three-years old – but the results weren’t always the most satisfying! We didn’t know if he was too young for voice training and so approached Vocal Production Studios to see what they would recommend. After three years of lessons, Shai has learned how to use his voice, understand how sound is produced and expand his repertoire. It’s made all the difference!  He now has the satisfaction of knowing that he can correctly create music and his listeners can enjoy his enthusiasm and the song. With pleasure we recommend Vocal Production Studios to anyone seeking a thoughtful and encouraging method to improve his or her overall vocal ability."


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